About Us

TAFEKS TEKSTIL was established in 2008 as a woven fabric supplier. We worked nearly four years with garment makers only. These were garment makers who exported mainly to Europe. In 2010 we decided to sell directly to the brands and widened our network. To support this decision, we took action in 2012 and established our office in Barcelona. Our Spanish team operates as a design studio which caters to brands’ exclusive needs.

Our product range is competitive in price and our lead times are suitable for the fast fashion market. We mostly have woven fabrics in our collection, but we also have some knit fabric qualities to complete our collection. Our range consists of viscose, polyester, cotton, linen, polyamide and blends. For viscose compostions we have been producing not only spun viscose staple but also filament viscose. For polyester compositions we have a special partnership with one of the biggest importers in Turkiye who has more than 40.000.000m PFD stock which allows us to always deliver fast to our customers.

In 2021, to be able deliver fast with best possible prices we decided to make a new investment. We established our weaving mill which has 48 looms and warping machine. Our in house greige weaving capacity is 550.000m per month. Our subcontracted weaving capacity is 500.000m. Our capacity for dyeing and printing in subcontract mills is 1.200.000m monthly.

To provide our customers with the fastest and best service possible, TAFEKS Bursa has a digital printing machine that is used for both production and sampling purposes.

Since many years our company’s main direction has been sustainability. As of today we are able to produce 97% of our current collection sustainably. We are working with Oeko-tex certfied Inditex, H&M and M&S approved dyehouses/printing mills. We are pushing our partners towards a more sustainable approach year by year. We have GRS, RCS, GOTS, OCS, BCI and FSC certifications.
We use man-made cellulosic fibers such as LENZING™ Ecovero™, Birla Livaeco™, Sanyou Ecotang, Jilin and Enka. In addition, acetate mixed productions are made with Naia. Currently, we are producing dyed and printed woven fabrics mostly for European brands and garment makers who work for international brands. We are one of the main supplier of Inditex Group in Turkey, thanks to our company's fast reacting and problem solving abilities.